Commercial Plywood – Comparison with Marine Plywood

Commercial Plywood is the most production and export/import plywood for commercial markets. So for it is said as commercial plywoods manufactured by softwood plywoods and hardwood plywoods that give cheap expense than other plywoods. Commercial plywood is a Moisture Resistant (MR) material that can withstand some volume of humidity, dampness and wet conditions but not a waterproof as marine plywood. Yes, marine plywood is not only moisture prevention but a boiling water resistant (BWR) proof material made by phenolic formaldehyde in synthetic resin or glue that bond the layers of wood together. For commercial plywood, the resin is made by urea melamine formaldehyde that only protect from moisture.
Commercial Plywood application is concentrated on the interior decoration & furniture use for home, buildings & offices, then packing materials purpose and container floors. Usually, the plywoods are manufactured into three or more layers based on the variety. The tropical and marine plywoods contain above 5 layers depending on the applications. In commercial plywood, it covers 3ply – 9 ply commonly. Exterior construction covers 3ply and cabinet shops cover 5ply- 9ply. The plies increases then cost increases. However it has less quality compared to marine plywood and cheaper than that.